Norcom Consulting provides client executives with Technology Insight to better manage their organizations and their computing environment.

Norcom Consulting is a profitable practice which specializes in transforming business systems to support connected end users to the Internet-based systems. For some clients this involves working with the As-Is state, examining the transformation requirements, and producing a To-Be view. This is done using the latest, most powerful tools available for documenting the process, organization and technology necessary to cost-effectively fill the desired end state.

For other clients, this has included installing Lotus Notes and Domino to provide the Knowledge Bases and connections to the legacy (AS/400, UNIX and System/390) information systems with the Internet as the transport network. This work has involved knowledge of end-user-systems, queueing systems, telecommunications, networks and central-site systems.

Norcom teaches classes on the tools and the integration of technology into an organization; the methodology of customer service; with the goal in mind of being able to leave the client more self-sufficient than before.

Norcom uses WebSphere Business Integration Modeler Work Bench and Lotus Domino to manage the process of consulting allowing virtual organizations to be built, managed, and disbanded as the need requires.


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