Before Norcom existed, the principal was writing documents about the products he was working with to assist others in the understanding of the uses of those products.

After leaving IBM, the need continued and Norcom has been writing for Andy Seybold's Outlook on Computing and Communication since 1992. The work has included software reviews, networking evaluations and application analysis.

For several other publications, Norcom has reviewed books and products, both hardware and software.

Starting in 1997, Norcom contributed to the Amy Wohl Trendsletter and to the research activities of Wohl Associates in the areas of Messaging, Voice Processing, Java applications and Software Componentization.

Norcom is consistently evaluating advanced technology and working to understand where it fits in the marketplace and documenting the value proposition for it's use. Norcom has been well-known for its outspoken honesty about the value of the product.

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