Mr. Norman's Biography prior to Norcom Consulting

IBM Corporation
From 1965 until 1992, Mr. Norman was with IBM Corporation (Winston - Salem, NC, Raleigh, NC, Atlanta, Ga, and Washington DC) with a successful career of marketing, management, and support jobs. He managed one IBM Team which developed the business cases, justification, and profitability for vendor-supplied software products in Data and Systems Management. He managed a team which provided long-term relationship marketing for a major telecommunications customer.

Mr. Norman developed IBM national marketing programs which achieved sales attainment for Systems Application Architecture, Token Ring local area networks, personal computers (communicating in the enterprise), Systems Network Architecture and the IBM 3270 Information Display Terminal.

Mr. Norman is best known as an evangelist for the values of the connected enterprise. He developed and taught the widely aclaimed "Data Communciation in the Eighties" curriculum. He introduced the teaching of personal computer communication at numerous internal and external functions and user groups. In 1970, he presented telecommunication concepts at the Executive Briefing Center.

Since IBM Corporation
At a Large Information Technology Corporation, he led a team for 8 months of internal and subcontractor consultants to define the effort to integrate PeopleSoft into a worldwide complex environment for Human Resources.  He developed and taught hands-on course using the WebSphere Business Integration (WBI) Workbench for Process Modeling where he received ratings which were 4.6 on a 5 scale the first time it was taught, the second highest of all instructors, all of  whom had taught their material multiple times. He was asked to repeat course 5 times in 2004, and at least 3 times in 2005.  Also, he completed an assignment to define the General Ledger current environment and document the present and strategic SAP environment to build base for conversion. The team interviewed 128 different subject-matter experts and developed 16 major process documents for the As-Is state and an additional 16 for the To-Be state. The team, under his leadership, successfully performed simulation on a sub-process to confirm justifications. Previous to that, he led a very successful consulting assignment to define and document worldwide customer view of customer service organization. The team, over 14 months, defined improvements for consistently responding to customer requests via telephone, e-mail, mail, fax and web. They built  a spreadsheet to document 155 % IRR to justify commitment to make the change. They assisted in definition of a worldwide web look and feel which by mid-2003 was in 17 languages with text for 35 countries and had exceeded expectations with over 33 percent of users, who were surveyed, stating that the web activity replaced a telephone call.

For an Internet Startup Firm, he provided business and technical advice on development of a business to provide secure community functions using the Internet for information transport. He guided the technical plan; pointing out value and pitfalls of the various vendor offerings.

For a well-known Business Analysis Firm over 5 years he managed assignments to produce white papers on Voice Processing, High Technology Recycling, High Performance computing, Thin Client Marketplace, Software Componentization and Software Industry Partnerships. This included surveying customers and vendors, analyzing the results and producing charts, graphs and the accompanying text for the paper.

For a Software Development firm, he managed the development of a software tool to support the worldwide implementation of a software registration process.  He advised on extensions for multiple platforms (Windows 3.1, Windows 95, OS/2, Windows NT, and multiple UNIX implementations).  This software registration system supports multiple delivery methods (modem, Internet, facsimile,  mail, and live operator) in a compelling manner in 28 languages.  It is designed to be industrial-strength as it was built to be used in over a million registrations per month. His responsibilities included systems requirements, systems design, communications design, project management, and interfacing with client development and marketing executives.

Another Consulting Firm, who is a Private Agency with a contract with US Federal Agency asked him to develop an Internet strategies for information exchange with a Federal agency and its user community.  He co-authored the design of CD ROM publishing system as interim step to distribution on the Internet.

A Manufacturing Corporation in the Process Industry consulted with Mr. Norman on technology insight to better manage their organizations and their computing environment on a continuing basis.  He produced specialized information about groupware and interaction of computer with the users.  While there, he developed successful strategies for deployment for warehousing, Electronic Data Interchange, shop floor computerization and executive information systems.

For a Software Development Firm, he developed background on strategic relationship with Internet Service Providers in advance of announcement of browser.  He built a data base and evaluation routines to allow executives to make knowledgeable decisions in a new high technology field.

Norcom also evaluates software products, under contract, for the viability in the marketplace. Well known for their outspoken honesty about value of the product(s), he has not hesitated to tell developers and marketers alike the truth about the price-performance of their product(s). He managed the US component of a world wide announcement of a significant middleware product involving strategic relationships with multiple organizations.

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